In 2013 I stopped accepting new clients and referrals, basically closing my private practice to devote more time to the family farm. While still finishing up with a few people, I still provide services at the Jenks Alternative Center about 8 hours a week.

Patrick Baker is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist located in Jenks, Oklahoma. He has been in practice in the Jenks area since 1993 and has been licensed since 1991.  Depending on the presenting issues and the needs of the person or family, unique treatment plans will be developed to address the specific circumstances for those who are seeking help. Treatment is tailored to people’s needs instead of expecting people to conform to a “cookie cutter” type approach.

 His practice is divided almost equally between individuals, couples, and families. His training includes object-relations and self-psychology,  family and systems theory, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Baker has also received specialized training in both Level I and II of EMDR and has extensive experience in Animal Assisted Therapy and Nature Assisted Therapy which is also known as Ecotherapy or Green Therapy.

When working with individuals he works primarily with people who are struggling with mood disorders, which mainly involve depression and anxiety. He has extended training and experience with trauma related issues which include violence and abuse as well as PTSD.  Working with adolescents and their families is a significant part of his work. Family therapy is always a component of the work with teens.

 One of the options for therapy includes using Animal Assisted Therapy  and Nature Assisted Therapy as part of the treatment. When appropriate, individuals and families can choose to work with Henry, the therapy dog or at the farm with an assortment of various animals in a natural setting. You can click on the Resources tab to see more about Animal Assisted Therapy and Nature Assisted Therapy (or Ecotherapy). Dr. Baker also provides therapeutic work in the treehouse which can add a significant connection to playfulness and the natural world in appropriate treatment applications.

 In addition to his private practice, Dr. Baker has been working with the Jenks Public Schools Alternative School for over twenty year’s, doing counseling with struggling teens and their families. While at the school he does therapy with individuals, groups, and families. He also does a psycho-educational parent group, as well as various groups on anger management, anxiety, and conflict resolution.

For the first seventeen years of his professional life Pat was an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Realizing that being a minister was not what he wanted to do with the rest of his life he returned to school and received his doctorate in pastoral psychotherapy. Discussions about religious or spiritual issues in counseling are not initiated by the therapist, however if the client is interested, Pat has the training and experience to help those who would like to incorporate these issues into the process of therapy.

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