Dr. Patrick Baker

Jenks Therapy,  . . . (Formerly at The Center for Counseling and Development).

105 E. 131st St S.

Jenks, Oklahoma 74037

(918) 299-4357
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After seventeen years of having an office in Tulsa then on Main Street in Jenks, I have relocated my office to the site of our family farm which happens to be located on the only recognized Oklahoma Centennial Farm in Tulsa County.  The new office space provides a place for my private practice, environmental and conservation education, experiential educational trails and demonstration gardens in a unique and natural setting. 

This suburban\rural  setting allows me to provide many more opportunities in therapy,  (see my Animal Assisted and Nature Assisted\Ecotherapy page.) One of the advantages of the farm setting is to offer opportunities for people to enjoy any of several meditation spots in the treehouse, observing the farm animals, and maybe take a walk in the gardens and trails in the woods to practice relaxation and observe nature. We have a number of outdoor “rooms” complete with old fashioned metal lawn chairs just to talk, sit and think, or observe nature.

The setting also provides opportunities to participate in and receive information about conservation and sustainable community supported agriculture. Demonstration vegetable and flower gardens are going to be accessable as a place where clients and community people can get their hands dirty and re-connect with nature.

At their leisure folks can either prepare for therapy by meditating or walking in the natural setting or wind down after talking about some very personal issues by sitting under a tree or up in the treehouse. The farm provides a little over one hundred acres as an antidote from the stress and tension of daily life.

The site is located in Jenks, just three and a half miles south of Main Street half way between Peoria and Elwood with easy access from Jenks and the Creek Expressway. The new setting  avoids some of the worst traffic in Jenks as the city continues to boom and allows for a much more relaxed setting for therapy. It might be a bit more of a drive for my Tulsa people, but the setting is worth the extra five to ten minutes of windshield time. You can check out the photo’s page to see some of the opportunities the new setting  provides. I anticipate a combination of therapy and a mini-retreat in the same therapeutic experience.

Look for the fire engine red mailbox on the north side of the road. It has the street address and you might see wildlife, farm animals, or nature as you drive by the pond to the office.