Check out some of the photo’s  on the Photo’s tab to see the environment in which the workshops will be conducted. Some of the longer workshops will include lunch on the farm with individual pizza’s made in the only private wood fired brick ovens in Tulsa county ( I don’t know of any others except in restaurants). Participants will work in the group setting to prepare the pizza’s and watch as they cook at 1000 degrees in two or three minutes. In other workshops there will be hands on bread-making as well.

 Brick Oven

Upcoming programs

Support Groups

Since I did my doctoral project on measuring the value of support groups in dealing with stress and burnout, I’ve been thinking that the combination of a natural setting, animals, and dealing with self-care is a “natural” (pun intended). In the near future I will be designing, advertising, and implementing a program of ongoing support groups for differing groups which will encourage reconnecting with nature as part of the correction needed to deal with today’s stressful living.


Workshops will be on hold until the new space is ready (hopefully) in July 2011. Check with LMFT and LPC website for workshops being provided by one of my colleagues, Linda Darrah Reynolds. She is a Marital and Family Therapist and Art Therapist who has a private practice in Jenks.


Continuing Education Workshops

For Mental Health Professionals

It’s probably a personal flaw, but I get  “creaped out”   when I participate in some of the larger national workshops. Some of these workshops become terribly uncomfortable because they cram people into small hotel facilities with no space to move about.  I end up feeling like a sardine, and the environment makes learning so much more tiresome than necessary. I understand wanting to make money, but it seems like they don’t want to pay for appropriate space for real human type people. The national workshops provide exceptional quality in their presentations but the settings almost make the time feel toxic to me and it takes a day or two for me to recover from the whole experience.

I would like to provide opportunities for mental health professionals to do quality continuing education and experience a time of invigoration and renewal as well. Vicarious traumatization and burnout are constant risks for mental health professionals and my vision is to provide a place for those who would be interested in trying something new.

Misc. Groups

Since I’ve been doing anger management, conflict resoulution, and anxiety groups with adolescents for over fifteen years the outdoor setting seems to lend itself to a different kind of experience to teach and process issues like aggression and conflict resolution. I will be exploring the need and interest in groups for adolescents in the areas of anger management\conflict resolution, anxiety, and grief in the fall and winter of 09.

I have also been hearing from adults that there is a need for help in dealing with stress and anxiety with the pressures of the economic downturn so I will also be preparing workshops which include nature as part of the therapeutic process.

One last group that I have been considering  relates to the  issue of discovering meaning via a deeper connection to the environment and living an intentionally less complicated life. Choosing Simplicity: Real People Finding Peace And Fulfillment In a Complex World, by Linda Breen Pierce is an example of the beginning of a movement in developing new choices regarding our consumer society.

The environment cannot survive increasing consumerism, plus many of us are discovering that the promises of bigger houses, cars, and collections don’t make us happy. I can envision people interested in sustainability meeting to support and discuss these issues with one another as they reconnect with more traditional sources of meaning in a natural setting.


2 Responses to “Workshops, CEU’s, Support Groups”

  1. Christine Castillo said

    I am currently a graduate student who is anticipates her MSW degree this year. I love your website and hope to create an animal and nature assisted program to strengthen troubled youth and families in the near future. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • patrickbaker said

      Just a suggestion, but Dr. Sarah Deal offers a one hour graduate level class through Northeastern on Ecotherapy\Nature Assisted Therapy. Its a good intro. and is usually a friday night & sat. schedule. I make a presentation usually. Good luck with integrating the natural world into therapy. Pat

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