For those who are just interested in the treehouse I’ve included some photo’s of the progress of the construction.  I will be adding new photo’s as the project develops. The supporting framing is all from treated lumber from mills who use only trees planted and grown for renewable forests. No old growth timber was used in this project. All the exterior wood is recycled lumber from demolished fences which would have been disposed of by filling local landfills. This seems a creative and fun way to re-use the wood and also give a rustic look to the treehouse. Much of the wood is cedar and it would have a great shame to have it go to waste.

In the fall (’09) I added a set of steps for “adults” to gain access without having to climb up the inner steps which lead to the interior of stage 1. When I can figure out how to make a trap door safe I’m going to add that too. I just don’t want any fingers pinched or smashed  😦    I’ll try to get some additional photos posted to this page.

I also added an enclosed deck to the back side of the treehouse under the area of the barn doors (which open from the north side of stage 1) and which will eventually lead to an elevated walkway to another “room”  in an adjoining tree (pin oak) which I planted about 18 years ago.


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